Making flying a Cirrus Aircraft affordable and fun


If you would like to discuss obtaining a share in our aircraft please contact the group.


Group flying has long been accepted as one the most cost effective ways of flying.

The Cirrus Flyers Group has given careful consideration to financing the purchase of the aircraft and to the running costs, which have been set at a level to promote utilisation of the aircraft.

With 12 in the initial group the required capital outlay for the new aircraft was around £17k per share with a monthly standing order which is currently (2020) £120 to cover fixed costs and projected maintainance. Using this finance model the hourly cost is £120 wet, that's around the price of flying a Warrior in a standard group.

Although 11 group members may appear high the key to availability is not numbers but the mix of people in the group, their professions and their projected use pattern. With the average flight time for all UK private pilots being just 5 hours per year it's a sad fact that most group aircraft, even in the largest groups, spend much more time in the hangar than in the air.


As you can see our group members range from new pilots with under 100 hours experience through to ATPL holders with tens of thousands of hours.

 1  Harry Cole (PPL)  Chairman & Group Secretary


 Dave Topp (CPL, IR)

 3  Neil Tayler (ATPL, IR, CRI)  Technical & Website
 4  Scott Birrell (ATPL)  Member
 5  Steve Dunthorne (ATPL)  Member
 6  Robin Calvert (PPL)  Member
 7  Geoff Carter (NPPL)  Member
 8  Jon Cooke (ATPL,FI,FE,IRI,IRE)  Member
 9  Steven Coles (PPL)  Member
 10  Richard Irvine (PPL)  Member
 11  Steve Moore (PPL, IMC, Night)  Member
This means the group has an excellent mix of experience levels so it is a great platform to build your confidence and learn new skills.
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